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Why I love Banksy

As much as I enjoy his work, my favourite thing about him is that he is the ultimate outsider. The artworld seems to really want to appropriate him but he remains a true independent. He is a disrupter.

The artworld got busy trying to intellectualize his shredder stunt at the Sotheby’s auction house as performance art. I prefer to think that he did it because it he thought it would be funny. I think he was making fun at the expense of the high-brow, hoity-toity fine art establishment. And it was really funny.

Ironically, it likely doubled the value of the piece which had been sold only a moment earlier for the sum of £1m (including buyer’s premium). After all, the stunt made news and history and will, no doubt, eventually be displayed in an enclosed glass display case in a museum. – L/Cbanksy-painting_759_insta

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