Printmaking for Fun and Profit

2019-03-21 20.15.43Pulling silk screens takes way more effort than I remember. I haven’t done it for a very long time and I suppose I was hampered a little from my recovering, but still injured, shoulder. Anyway, it was a fun and very satisfying endeavour.

The motivation was partly (read mostly) financial. I am participating in this thing called the Tour Des Arts this coming July. I am a newby (read terrified) to the whole experience and thought I had better have something that was more affordable (read easier purchase decision) than just paintings. Art is typically an impulse decision and it’s easier to talk oneself out of a big-ticket item than it is a small one.

My assistant (read wife) and I pulled two different editions within a week. The first one had a few more mishaps than the second so it is smaller in total number – 60 versus 70. We pulled a 3 colour eagle image first and then a 2 colour house cat. Just have to photograph them properly and get them on the site.

I have a feeling that we’ll do some more print editions soon. – L/C

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