Overcoming Social Media Affected Disorder

As an artist, social media creates a whole new set of pressures and anxieties.

I’m not really sure what to do in order to post effectively. Am I supposed to hashtag a bunch of keywords as part of the post? Am I supposed to follow a whole bunch of people and then unfollow them as soon as they follow me? That seems to happen a lot in the often insidious world of followers, and likes. People can be so awful and disingenuous on social media. It makes me crazy.

The pressure comes from an expectation that you have to promote yourself and specifically your art on social channels like Twitter and Instagram and that you have to constantly grow your audience. Your following has to be big and constantly getting bigger. Size matters.

The anxiety comes when I post something and then compulsively feel the need to constantly check to see how many likes and or retweets the post has gotten. So far my social media savvy has proven to be underwhelming. But like I said, as an artist, I am made to feel that this is a necessary avenue of pursuit and something that needs to be mastered. Ahhhhh!!!!!! – L/C

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T: @hummygoo

Printmaking for Fun and Profit

2019-03-21 20.15.43Pulling silk screens takes way more effort than I remember. I haven’t done it for a very long time and I suppose I was hampered a little from my recovering, but still injured, shoulder. Anyway, it was a fun and very satisfying endeavour.

The motivation was partly (read mostly) financial. I am participating in this thing called the Tour Des Arts this coming July. I am a newby (read terrified) to the whole experience and thought I had better have something that was more affordable (read easier purchase decision) than just paintings. Art is typically an impulse decision and it’s easier to talk oneself out of a big-ticket item than it is a small one.

My assistant (read wife) and I pulled two different editions within a week. The first one had a few more mishaps than the second so it is smaller in total number – 60 versus 70. We pulled a 3 colour eagle image first and then a 2 colour house cat. Just have to photograph them properly and get them on the site.

I have a feeling that we’ll do some more print editions soon. – L/C

Why I love Banksy

As much as I enjoy his work, my favourite thing about him is that he is the ultimate outsider. The artworld seems to really want to appropriate him but he remains a true independent. He is a disrupter.

The artworld got busy trying to intellectualize his shredder stunt at the Sotheby’s auction house as performance art. I prefer to think that he did it because it he thought it would be funny. I think he was making fun at the expense of the high-brow, hoity-toity fine art establishment. And it was really funny.

Ironically, it likely doubled the value of the piece which had been sold only a moment earlier for the sum of £1m (including buyer’s premium). After all, the stunt made news and history and will, no doubt, eventually be displayed in an enclosed glass display case in a museum. – L/Cbanksy-painting_759_insta

A pet peeve​

I believe that people think they are paying you a compliment when they ask you to do a commission for them. It doesn’t often feel like one.

It usually goes like this. People come and see your work at a gallery or at your studio and ask about you doing a commission for them.  Basically what they’re saying is:

‘I really like your work, just not these. These already exist and weren’t done for me and only me, so I’d like you to grovel and be extra nice to me while I jerk you around about the possibility of you doing a commission for me which really won’t happen because I’m really just jerking you around. Sound good?’

– LooseCanine

Breaks, good and bad

Work is temporarily postponed due to a physical injury. My shoulder is broken as the result of a nasty fall. Of course, it was the right side which is the side I write and paint with. I can still type, though. I will leave it at that.

I’ve been accepted to participate in something called the Tour Des Arts. It happens in the Eastern Townships which is a wonderful area east of Montreal. It’s supposed to be a very well organized and successful event so I’m very happy to be a part of it.

I recently bought a little house in the area which I will be making my permanent residence before too long. It’s a lovely property and has a great little studio space on the main floor. It will be nice to get out of a basement, where I currently work.

I didn’t know what to expect of the tour when I first applied but have since been told that I could get between 1,000 and 2,000 visitors over the course of the 10 days in July 2019. My little house is very much in the centre of Knowlton and that is likely to contribute to getting big numbers. Yikes!

I wasn’t expecting that but then again, I wasn’t expecting to break my shoulder either.