Works are definitely in progress

So far I have completed 18 paintings, one of which is sold. Another is going to my picture-framer as a barter payment. It’s been a ton of fun but I’m still only about a half to two-thirds of where I would like to be with them.

Then, of course, there is the matter of this website which is very much under construction and requires that I learn new skills in order to set it up and manage it. I suppose that the discipline is good for me but frankly, I’d rather spend the time painting.

We think of animals as having relatable emotions, which of course they do. We think of them as symbols of concepts like peace, strength, truth, and harmony. I try not to think too much. I want to feel the energy and flow of the physical act painting and I think I just like painting animals.

Really enjoying the painting part, wish me luck on the website. – LooseCanine


2018-01-02 12.48.58



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